Need a "Duplicate Schedule"!

Most apps offer a “Copy & Modify” feature - it would really help new people explore schedules. I like to get something basic WORKING, then I want to tweak - but don’t want to lose what I did in case I “break” it with my tweaks.

VERY useful for newbies who want to explore the features, but also us old-timers. This would have really helped me when I started with my Rachio, but I’d still use it today.

Also: an “Archive” would be nice - once I have several variations, I’d like to keep them, but out of the way of the main UI - so let me archive them, then allow me to “re-instate” them if desired.


On your App goto ‘Irrigation’ @ bottom of screen, then @ top of new screen pick ’ schedules’, now highlight your current schedule and at top right at ‘enabled’ slide it to off, to disable. This way it isn’t deleted and can be referenced.