National station changed to PWS station but National station is online

So on our Rachio 3, I change the weather reporting station to a NWS station that is in fact reporting data. No, don’t take my word for it, look for yourself:

Today, I get a notification that KPTK is not reporting data and I’ve been switched to a “Mom and Pop Back yard weather station” KMIMILFO14. What’s the problem here? Is there any way to lock in the station that I prefer?

We have a Rachio 2 in Florida that stays locked on to KCOF all the time, so it makes me regret getting a Rachio 3 for our Michigan house.

I will have the engineering team review and let you know what is found. Thank you for reporting this.


The team found an issue with National Stations and the weather station self healing process. This will be fixed tonight.


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