Mysterious Wiring-Where does it go?!

Switching from an old James Hardie system to a Rachio 3. All valve wires are white and am barely able to make out zones on duct tape labels. I’ve connect those white valve wires to the corresponding zones in the Rachio.

There is also a thicker black bundle with a blue, green, red and white wire and a medium thickness black wire.

On the Hardie, it looks like the medium thickness black wire and the white wire from the thicker black bundle are in the common slot. The blue/green/red wires are connected to a valve for Zone 9, which I never had (only have 8 zones).

I don’t have a master valve or any sensors that I know about (I purchased the house 2 years ago). Can someone tell me where the blue/green/red wires go on the rachio and which wires belong in the common slot?


@qbatj - the long medium thickness black wire will go to the Rachio C(ommon) terminal.

I don’t have a clue as to what the thicker black bundle is. Is there a program for zone 9 in the Hardie system?

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Thanks for the response. No, never had a Zone 9 with the Hardie. Maybe is was for some sensor? I’ve tracked the black bundle out to the irrigation box where it dives underground. It is not connected to any of the valves.

I’ll try attaching the medium black wire to the common after work and let you know of the results. I plan on just capping the bundled wires (or maybe digging it up outside to satisfy my curiosity).


@qbatj - it might be a soil moisture sensor. I was trying to see if there was something configured in the Hardie that would give a clue. I don’t think you’ll need to cap off the bundled wires as there won’t be any current in them. If it is a soil sensor, then it could be buried out in the yard somewhere.


It worked! :pray: thank you