My yard is being taken over by clover

!This is even after applying Lawn Champion. It’s getting watered enough, I’m mowing it at a higher blade setting, but I’m not really too sure what else to do. Other forums (I’ve been looking quite a bit) have suggested more nitrogen. Might that help or is it too late? it’s Northern California, Sacramento to be exact. I’m worried because it’s starting to spread a lot after our recent rainfall.

I’m open to suggestions. :slight_smile:

Clover is tough. It spreads QUICKLY! While I don’t love using them, I’d probably recommend a “weed and feed” type product to get it under control. Most of them on the market should treat the clover, and they will give some nutrients to the soil as well.


Probably too late in the season to do anything about it now. Controls need to be applied during the growing season.

I use PBI/Gordon Speedzone Red to control clover. Usually takes a couple applications, several weeks apart. I improve efficacy by adding a surfactant to the mix.

Embrace the cover, don’t use poison. Clover is hardier, feels better on bare feet and is better for your soil.


Clover is easy to kill. Roundup makes a product that targets a bunch of weeds. I use this and it kills clover within a week:

Lawn champion doesn’t do anything to kill or control weeds it helps build your soil and root system. Best suggestion is a good granular
pre-emergent twice a year to prevent the weed seeds from germinating. To kill the clover that has already grown you will need a liquid weed killer that you can be purchase at Lowe’s. Below is the easy to use hose end sprayer and the refills.

Be careful with the pre-emergent if you are in an area that normally overseeds winter lawn!