My utility flow meter reader is on sale

i use the flume water sensor. really good product.
its on sale today:

check that it works with your meter before you consider buying!

That is cool that it straps on the meter with no plumbing needed. I found it works by reading the magnets spinning inside the meter. A bridge and sensor pair talk via radio waves and can communicate 1,000 feet. The company was established in 2016 (I check that to see how long-term the product is) and no subscriptions (I figured).

I chatted with them and found the following things lacking:

  1. I have two meters, culinary & pressurized irrigation, so that would get a little more pricey. They might have the ability for two sensors to talk to a single bridge in the future. That would save some costs for me
  2. No Rachio interface at this time (they do have Orbit B-Hyve)
  3. No integration with a shut off valve at this time

all correct points. What i like is that it provides my water consumption per zone in realtime at high resolution…
I sent them an email with a link to the rachio API and a suggestion that they integrated into it.
In the meantime i will probably just do correlation with rachio through an API.
For emergency shutoff i am far more likely to fall back on my automation hub, hubitat rather than the flume system. I use water leak detectors with zwave and hubitate coupled with shutoff valves for that today.

I used to be on smartthings for many years but that platform has totally degenerated into uselessness (for me at least). Hubitat is a fair bit more immature (its younger) but i like what they have done so far.

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