My utility flow meter reader is on sale

i use the flume water sensor. really good product.
its on sale today:

check that it works with your meter before you consider buying!

That is cool that it straps on the meter with no plumbing needed. I found it works by reading the magnets spinning inside the meter. A bridge and sensor pair talk via radio waves and can communicate 1,000 feet. The company was established in 2016 (I check that to see how long-term the product is) and no subscriptions (I figured).

I chatted with them and found the following things lacking:

  1. I have two meters, culinary & pressurized irrigation, so that would get a little more pricey. They might have the ability for two sensors to talk to a single bridge in the future. That would save some costs for me
  2. No Rachio interface at this time (they do have Orbit B-Hyve)
  3. No integration with a shut off valve at this time

all correct points. What i like is that it provides my water consumption per zone in realtime at high resolution…
I sent them an email with a link to the rachio API and a suggestion that they integrated into it.
In the meantime i will probably just do correlation with rachio through an API.
For emergency shutoff i am far more likely to fall back on my automation hub, hubitat rather than the flume system. I use water leak detectors with zwave and hubitate coupled with shutoff valves for that today.

I used to be on smartthings for many years but that platform has totally degenerated into uselessness (for me at least). Hubitat is a fair bit more immature (its younger) but i like what they have done so far.

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Unfortunately, the API does not allow for Flume to put measurements into Rachio at this time, but can go the other way (read Rachio to know, for example, that a zone is running).

Be careful about investing into flume. More and more utilities are switching to electromagnetic flow meters which do not use moving parts, thus they are not compatible with flume.

Here is the flow meter that is popular in Florida, flume will not work with these:

Mine got installed late last year