My system says it is online. But is not computing with my sprinklers

Everything appears as if it is functioning. But when I turn my zones on and tell it to run. It isn’t doing anything. Any ideas?

@ethanstegich - Gen 1 or Gen 2 version of the unit? If Gen 2, what is the light pattern on the unit.

Has the unit worked before or is this a brand new installation? If a brand new installation, attach some pictures of the wiring at the Rachio unit (please).

Do you have a rain sensor? If there is a rain sensor, is the rain sensor installed in-line on the common wire?

Do you have a master pump or indexing valve setup?

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This is Gen 2, light pattern is just the 2 blue lights at the bottom.

I set it up several days ago and it was working Perfect. I didn’t change any wires etc.

I do not have a rain sensor.

I do not have a master pump or indexing valve set up. Each zone has it’s own valve box etc.

Hey @ethanstegich-

Are any lights on the controller blinking, or are the bottom two just solid?

McKynzee :rachio:

Same thing here. App is connected, but when running any zone, the app says its running and nothing from the sprinklers. It’s a new system just placed in, valves work manually. Here is a pic of the wiring. Also Master valve option is on in app

I had to replace a valve. I also had wiring issues. Just an FYI.

@nothen2do - I think I’d move the white wire that is in the P/MV port over one to the C port and then turn off the master valve setting in the application. The C(ommon) port is needed to complete the circuit from the zone (e.g. 1) port out to the solenoid and then back to the Rachio at C.

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You were totally right! Everything is working and I’m excited to start using rachio!