My system did not run last night? (SOLVED. Due to rain sensor activation)

New user here. Just installed a Rachio 3 on Monday 5/27/19. Thought I had everything set and ready. Wired fine everything worked, connected to my PWS in the back yard. Last water was Sunday 5/26 on the old system. Have been 100 degrees plus the last 4 days with no rain and no rain in forecast. Schedule set to run this morning and be complete by 6 AM. I got the message in history that it was not skipped, however it did not run. I have double checked everything and cannot figure out what it is that I messed up. Any suggestions?

Pretty sure it is because your rain sensor is blocking the schedules from running.

This can help with some troubleshooting.


I noticed that just now. No idea why it would be blocking it. It shows dry on the rain sensor itself no idea why rachio says it is activated.

You were correct I double checked what the installer did with wiring and found the rain sensor was in fact not correctly wired. I corrected the issue per the link you gave me, and now everything should work great. Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate you.

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