My Rachio phone app not working

Why is my phone app not working to do a quick run. I have already checked that the Wifi network is up to date.

Hey @anitamotard! Let’s see if I can help troubleshoot! Would you mind clarifying whether Quick Run isn’t working in the app or if your sprinklers aren’t running when you do run Quick Run through the app?


Hi, the sprinklers are not running when I use quick run on the app.

Thanks for the clarification @anitamotard! A couple more questions:

  • Can you share a photo of your wiring?
  • Do your sprinklers run on their normal schedules?
  • What phone/OS are you using?


The sprinklers are on a fixed schedule but I’m not sure they are running - the yard looked very dry which is why I tried to quick run a couple of zones.
My phone is an iPhone 7 and the IOS is up to date.

Do you have a picture of your previous controller wiring? Normally the common wire is white, and it looks like you have couple white wires not plugged into Rachio. Are you sure the red wire is your common, and do you only have one valve box on your property?

Not that it affects Rachio running, but it looks like you have 2 wires going into zone 4, and none into zone 7. Was that intentional?

The irrigation company installed the Rachio controller a year ago. It has been working fine until yesterday. I guess I will ask them to come out and check the wiring. Thanks for the info.

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Good thought to double check the wiring. Keep us posted. If everything else is running normally but Quick Run is giving you issues I’ll have my eng or support team take a look to see where the bug might be!

You you able to manually run a zone, at the valve?

The controller shows that the sprinklers are running but they are not running. I cannot do a quick run on any zone. This system was installed new one year ago and has been running fine until now. I would appreciate someone from Rachio providing me some technical support. Thanks

That’s why I asked if you can manually go out to you valve box, and manually run any or all zones. It’s a process of elimination. If you can’t manually run a zone at the valve, then you have a water supply issue. If you can, then it leads towards a wiring issue.

It seems that the installer has no love for the usual color coding, the red wire was used for common. Overall, the wiring seems a bit messy, and the copper is much longer than what is needed to push into the clamps. This is not dangerous, but I wonder how much love went into the wiring on the other side. Is your contractor a dedicated irrigation company, or mostly landscaping?

If there is water when you open one valve, the next step is to check the red wire “common” on the valve side. This is a critical wire needed for all valves. The wire should end in a special gel-protected wire nut that holds one wire from each valve. If this connection fails, all valves fail.

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Problem solved! My husband had disconnected an old rain sensor which caused the issue. Thanks everyone for your input.