My rachio is setting itself into standby mode

I’ve noticed that my rachio (gen 2) keeps setting itself to standby mode.
I have searched previous topics, but have not found a solution to my problem.
So, when I remove the standby mode in the application, it will water properly once and set itself up again into standby mode.
THis is is super annoying.
Could you please help me understand what is going on and fix it?

Serial # is CR0611866


It looks like your controller is on the v2 software platform. A few months ago we released a new app (v3). Please download this in the Google Play or Apple iOS store.


Thanks you.
I did the upgrade.
I was using some sort of iot orchestration solution (Stringify) that was making the rachio put itself on hold.
The log in the history enabled me to track down the root cause of the issue
The rachio is now working great.