My Rachio Gen 1 Often goes offline

Hi Expert, I’m experiencing some annoying issue using my Rachio Iro Gen 1.
Often the controller goes offline and I need to delete the controllers and start from scratch.

In addition to that, I don’t receive any notification about watering or device not available.

Does anybody has some suggestion?

The Wifi obviously is available.


@paulthecer I did a quick check of your system and everything looks fine with it.

Can you let us know when you experience this issue again so we can do some troubleshooting? You should not have to remove the device from your account. If you need us to fly out to Italy, please let us know. :wink:


Hi @franz, I made some tests today. My IRO was online but I wasn’t able to run my zones.
At the end I deleted the device and configure it from scratch.

I finish just two min ago to define the zones, schedule, PWS etc…

Now my IRO seems work properly. I keep you posted

Ok. I did see it disconnect yesterday. If you still have issues with it disconnecting I would send an email to [] and they can help troubleshoot and might have some suggestions on configuring your router to better work with the controller.


Thanks @franz. This night it works correctly.
Now I keep under control the status and in case it happen again I raise a ticket to the support team.
Do you know why I don’t get any notification when IRO goes offline even if I turned it on in the notification settings?

@paulthecer If the device goes offline we only send a email notification after 24 hours. We do show the current device status in the app (offline/online).