My Rachio 3 will not connect to WIFI :( Galaxy S10

followed the instructions to install it but i can’t connect it to WIFI
after i checked others issues , found i have to install app name : RouteThis !
It gave me this Code : GSSBG2UR

Now what ?

What type of mobile device are you using?


Galaxy S10 Plus

There is an issue our firmware (a small batch of controllers) with one time pairing and the S10 (strange you should have received that warning in the app?). After the initial connection to the internet any mobile device will work. Do you have access to an iPhone, iPad, Tablet, other Android device?


No ! but i can use BlueStacks ?..
and if its connected , i can use my s10 or just use other device

I don’t know what that is?

Yes, it’s just the initial connection.

Here is another workaround you can try.

Thanks for your patience!



You’re the best … I did run the batch file . Worked like champ !! now I did setup my zones and set the fixed schadule , set it and forget it :wink:

Thank you so much


Awesome, thanks for your patience and welcome to the community.


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