My PWS from WU doesn't show up on Rachio?

How come my Weatherflow PWS on WU doesn’t show up as a PWS on Rachio. My station ID is KNJHILLS64.

It takes about a week for a new WU station, like yours, to go through their internal QC process and show up as an option to Rachio. This is true in case you own Gen 3 controller, or a Gen 2 controller from Costco, as those use WU network as their data source. In case you use an older controller, such as Gen 1 or 2, let me know as your data needs to be part or pwsweather network to be available to your controller (I can help with that).


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Thanks, I have a gen 3. Appreciate the info!!

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I am having problems location my station as well.

Station: KMINEWHA14

It takes about 5 days before WU will clear your station to be visible. The go through there own QA to check everything out before letting it be used.


What @Santo4413 said is true, unless you have a Gen 1 or 2 controller. If this is the case, let us know and we can help you out accordingly. :cheers:

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@nhfd3, I could see your weather.