My [positive] weather station experience with IRO

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A few days ago, I followed a set of well documented instructions for setting up my Netatmo as a weather station with PWS and Meteoware (thanks to whomever created them). I then thought that I would need to wait for IRO 2.0 software to be able to use my weather station.

I was wrong! It rained late yesterday (Finally). We received .31" of rain. I had IRO scheduled to run in a couple different zones early this morning. I awoke to find that the watering schedule for those zones had been skipped. Why? Not because it was using the weather station my IRO was pointing to originally but because it was using MINE! The message explained that it skipped due to the .31" of rain received and indications of another .05" expected, and my setting not to irrigate if more than 1/4" is received.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see that my weather station was engaged and helped to maintain my watering schedule - and without 2.0! :smile:

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@SteinyD, great news! We released PWS integration last fall, but it will be enhanced in the 2.0 release as you’ll be able to set a default station to use at all times (currently we find the closest station that’s online and reporting in your area, but this can change from day to day; if it’s your own station, this is very unlikely to happen)

Hope this helps. v2.0 coming soon!!

Best, Emil

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