My newly registered PWS not showing up in Rachio

I successfully added my PWS (Ambient weather unit) to weather underground and it assigned me a registered ID. But even after a few hours, the Rachio 3 controller doesn’t ‘see’ my station as a weather underground option.

I have confirmed the controller is sharing with weather underground both in the Rachio app and when logging into weather underground on a desktop PC.

I’ve tried logging in and out of the Rachio app but it still doesn’t show up. Others in my area are there, just not mine.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

It takes 3 to 7 days for the new stations to pass QC process and show up as an option for Rachio. There is a manual workaround, but it is technical and my recommendation is to simply use a different station before yours becomes available

Thank you for the quick and helpful reply!

I recently did the same thing and it took about 3 days before my PWS was available in Rachio. Working like a charm now though.