My neighborhood seems to have been converted to a Rachio competitor?

Since my water company (LADWP) offers rebates for weather-based irrigation controllers, SkyDrop decided to go door to door and offer free installations of their controllers. I’m assuming they also processed the rebate paperwork for the homeowners. LADWP is among the largest water utilities the US, if I’m not mistaken. I’m wondering why Rachio hasn’t done something anything like this in Los Angeles? I found out about weather-based controllers like Rachio pretty late. Rebates for weather-based irrigation controllers were tucked away on LADWP’s website and before that I had never come across any sort of promotional material. If SkyDrop had gotten to me a few months earlier, I might’ve used my $199 rebate check on them and not on my Rachio controller :confused:

I got to take a look at my neighbor’s SkyDrop controller. It has no where near the function and setting granularity of Rachio. Most importantly, SkyDrop has no support community to speak of! Oh well, at least I no longer witness the revolting sight of lawns being watered in the rain anymore!

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@DroughtSaver, thanks for reaching out. We work with LADWP – if you don’t mind sharing, what neighborhood are you in? Perhaps you could get us in touch with someone at your HOA?

We’d be interested in hearing about watering savings experienced by you versus your neighbors if you’re keeping tabs :slight_smile:


To clarify, SkyDrop left flyers door to door, I don’t believe they needed HOA approval. It looks like a majority signed up and scheduled to have their irrigation controllers replaced by a SkyDrop technician. That super bright green ring can be seen a mile away whenever my neighbors open up their garages.

@DroughtSaver, thanks for sharing. @clay sounds we need to send you some door hangers!

I’ve also seen some of my neighbours and friends shifting from Rachio to RainMachine or other sprinkler controllers. The good thing is that none of them were satisfied with the change.

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