My Lawn Is Dying Again

I have had the RACHIO controller for a number of years and STILL have not been able to trust it properly water my lawn.

My current schedule is a “Flex Monthly” schedule with soil type, etc all configured. I have set most zones to 23 min watering every 3 days to complete before sunrise.

Once again - a month or two after Enabling the schedule I see that the lawn is very brown and verging on dying. ( This property is at 7000’ msl in Utah and lawn watering need start sometime in late May) When I look at the history (an INCREDIBLY confusing and non-informative display, btw) I see that some zones that are scheduled for 23 min per run are actually getting 8 min of water !

Having observed that behavior I created a new schedule using FIXED in order to force the controller to water as required, though even that schedule seems intent on applying computer logic to override my settings. Again - a greatly-improved History display would help me immensely determine how much water is being applied each run/weekly and provide a clue as to what changes are required.

Attached are a couple screenshots depicting the recent history. Can you help me make this controller work properly for me ?

see screenshots from website history:

why not just turn it to water regardless of time, month, year or rainfall? 23 min - every three days from mid may to late Oct?

Not a bad idea ! I have pretty much given up on the “smart” aspects of this controller and created new schedules using Fixed that can do rain/freeze skips as necessary.

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