My Flex schedule has NEVER run

I have had this all summer and my flex schedule has never actually run- not once.
When I first set it up I didn’t realize that it wasn’t everyday that it would run 5 hours. Once I understood that I bought into the idea. But every time I look at the calendar it changes on when it is supposed to run and then doesn’t. Currently no watering is scheduled for two weeks and we are in the middle of a heat wave and drought.

Show us your schedule setup screen. Pick one of the zones in that schedule and show us a zone setup screen and the Advanced settings in it. You’ll get 'way more help!

And post a screen shot of the moisture level data.

Here are some additional pics. The zone moisture was low 70s this morning but now 104% because I did a manual quick run today. Visibly the soil pretty dry and grass is brown.


Can you open one of the zones, click on the moisture percentage to bring up the graph, and hit more to show the numbers? Post that screenshot.

Zone settings (both standard and advanced) would be helpful as well.

Here are some additional pics. I haven’t been this deep into the app- what are the empty and fill buttons ?


First off, you have EXTREMELY low crop evapotranspiration. This is basically how fast is the plant going to use the water. I’m in Arizona, and it is hot, and I see ET’s .25-.35, but yours are really low.

Basically, something in your settings is telling Rachio that your plants/grass has extremely low water usage.

Post your zone settings, both standard and advanced for one of these zones so we can see what you have set up in Rachio, but first recommendation I’d make it to look at weather stations in your area through Rachio settings. Right now you have Weather Intelligence + set up, which in theory should work well, but pointing to a specific, local weather station usually works better.

Allows you to quickly empty (forces water next allowed day) or fill (will max out the moisture level, pushing watering off) the moisture levels as needed based on visual observations.

Thanks for the tips so far. I changed the weather station and here are pics from 1 zones.

What kind of temps have you been seeing in your area?

About 2 weeks of 90 plus. Very dry until this weekend when we had heavy scattered storms.

Curious if the ET data in the moisture graph table has changed since you selected a PWS. I have no way of knowing if your zone settings are actually matches your yard, but I don’t see anything that would cause major issues with the schedule. The extremely low ET is really the only glaring issue I see.