My app says my new controller is "offline"?

My app says my controller is offline.

  1. How do I get it online?? I am not home and do not have physical access to the system. My other devices, garage door, cameras etc are online, so it’s not a wifi issue.

  2. Assuming I am unconcerned with the Rachio not being online, I assume since I have already set up a schedule this device will follow such schedule, right?

Hey @civdiv9999!

Unfortunately, it’s a little tricky troubleshooting wifi unless you can tell me the light code showing on the physical device. As soon as we have that, we should be able to figure out what is going wrong! There is a chance it will reconnect itself as well in the meantime.

As for schedules, as long as it still has power, it will continue to run the last saved schedule. Keep in mind this will not include any weather intelligence, since there is no connection to the cloud.

When you get the chance to get that light code, let me know, and we will get you back online!

McKynzee :rachio:

The 2nd light from the bottom is blinking.

@civdiv9999 - here’s the Knowledge Base document for the blinking second light ->

It is trying to connect to WiFi.


How do I tell it to quit trying and go about connecting? My wifi has not gone down, just the Rachio. Cycle power on the Rachio for a while like you do with other things?

All my app does is tell me the unit is offline, so I don’t see a way for that to assist me. Or, what am I missing? All the unit tells me it is trying to connect. Neither source of info tells me what to do.

Ok, I unplugged the Rachio, and plugged it back in. No joy. I unplugged the router, and plugged it in to reboot. After that, the Rachio connected.

Not sure what that was about…


@civdiv9999 That’s strange, but I’m glad you are back up and running! Let us know if you run into any more issues.

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