My AC plug buzzes very loudly

Didn’t know which category to post this in…

But my AC plug/adapter that plugs into the outlet buzzes very loudly. Significantly loud. Not something I would consider within a normal acceptance/tolerance.

Is this normal for your plugs? If not, what should I do?


@holtzco - send an email into explaining the situation and I think they’ll send a replacement unit out PDQ. Be sure to specify which Generation (1, 2 or 3) device you have. Rachio provides a two year warranty and they’ve been good about that.


@DLane is right, the solution will most likely end up being to contact the support, but just for my personal curiosity, can you please perform a couple of tests?

  1. Does the transformer buzz without load / while rachio is disconnected?
  2. Does the transformer buzz while plugged into a different power socket elsewhere at home?

It would help to figure out if the root issue lies with transformer (likely) or wiring (worth a check).


Sorry the original post definitely lacked info. But I was going to bed when I posted it :slight_smile:

When I unplug the transformer it stops buzzing. When I plug it into another outlet it buzzes just the same (very loudly).

When I first installed the Rachio unit (approximately 1 month ago) it did not buzz at all. I just started to notice it the past couple of days.

It’s a Gen 2.