Munti Zone Suppport

I know this has been brought up before but I have not seen any activity on the other discussion for a long time so I thought I’d bring it up with more detail in the suggestion.

I have a smaller-medium size yard with 9 zones. In theory, I could have easily covered this are with 4 or 5. I went with 9 due to difference in slope, shading etc. My water supply can easily support 2 or more zones running at the same time. I know I can physically wire up 2 zones at the same time but that doesn’t really help when I want the flexibility of scheduling zone watering times independently. I would love to complete watering 3 that only need 15-20 minutes while watering a second zone that needs a full hour.

It seems that it would not be too complex to add a on/off setting in advanced settings for each zone to allow it to run concurrently to other zones. When automatically (or manually) setting the watering schedules, this setting could be used to run any 2 valves (sprinkler, master value, etc.) at the same time. By defaulting the setting to “Off” for all zones in the software, it would not interfere with existing schedules or system settings.

Adding this feature as a software upgrade will provide significant value to many existing customers as well as fully justifying the additional expense of Rachio systems over the competition for new customers. In reading the independent reviews comparing sprinkler systems, this is a feature bloggers specifically pointed out at lacking in Rachio even though I understand this is not a feature generally available in residential systems.

If implemented correctly in the software it would also pave the way for the Rachio interface to support future products targeting commercial applications with larger power supplies supporting maybe 4 or 5 simultaneous zones, bringing Ranchos superior technology to the government and private organizations who are often pushing for more responsible water use.

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