Multiple Zones covering the same ground

I have 2 zones (one gear and one fixed spray) that cover the same area of grass in my backyard. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to set this up so that I’m not over watering?

Is the fixed spray zone a fill in zone? Meaning, it fills/covers an area the other zone couldn’t fill completely.

It’s normal to have a fill in zone. The precipitation rates will be different for sprays and rotors. Sometimes the characteristics of the zone are different too, e.g., shade, slope, structure.

Do you think you need both zones running? If so, then you will have to fine tune these zone run times to not over water.

I have similar issues with overlap. This discussion was helpful to me.

My take away is that Rachio assumes a properly designed sprinkler system will either have minimal overlap or “matched precipitation rates”. I think those of us with fill zones or other overlap need to make manual compromises to avoid under or over watering.