Multiple zones at the same time

Hello Rachio team,
I only have one request for your next generation Rachio…
Please feature the ability to run multiple zones at the same time. I water about 2 acres and my system runs off of either culinary water or secondary water, depending on the time of year. When on culinary water I have to run just one zone at a time, but when I switch to secondary water I can run several zones at a time due to much more water being available.
It would be great to simply switch to a different program in the software rather than rewire everything multiple times a year.
Thank you so much,

This would be considered high potential for cross connection with the city’s potable water or even a well. This is against plumbing code because there is potential for the the drinking water to be contaminated with microorganisms (like e.coli), pesticides and animal waste. People have died or been seriously ill when backflow occurs. You are putting your family at risk. The piping must be totally separate.

All you would need to do is install a Backflow preventer on the culinary supply to meet code. Same as what would supply a boiler or many other units.

Absolutely, our city water folks have already inspected the double water backflow preventer as well as the clean disconnect I have between the culinary water and the secondary water. I would really appreciate if Rachio would allow multiple zones to be turned on at once. I have been looking closer at some other the other smart irrigation controllers that do allow multiple zones to run at the same time. Thank you for your response.

Let me know what you find Eric. I am trying to decide if I should go with something else aswell.
There are some solutions with mini switches and diodes that I could do, but it would be nice if they could just update the program abilities.

A double check backfkow preventer does not meet EPA, ASSE, ABPA, USC Cross Connection, and International Plumbing Code standards. Irrigation systems are classified as having high hazard potential for cross connection with drinking water in your home. Only pressure vacuum breakers or reduced presssure principle devices are to be installed. Your city is out of compliance.