Multiple watering in 24 hour period

One of my zones has a sizable slope. I need multiple, short duration sprinkler time in a 24 hour period to avoid runoff. How would I set that up?

@dnissen - Rachio can automatically create a cycle and soak schedule based on soil type and slope type. One can also create a manual cycle and soak schedule if needed. Under the schedule there is the Cycle and Soak option - Manual, Smart Cycle (automatic) or no.

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Thank you DLane for the quick response. I do have that function activated. Guess I wasn’t knowledgeable of it’s function. I will see how it performs once we get into summer and all this SoCal rain stops. BTW my controller is Gen 3, happy with it so far. Controlling it through the internet was a big must have.

@dnissen - make sure the zone soil type is correct and the slope is set to steep. There is a knowledge base article that will show the amount of time Rachio will water based on the soil and slope setting. It will then wait for 30 minutes before watering that zone again and will repeat until it gets the desired number of minutes for watering.

Knowledge base article ->