Multiple Users?

I’m considering using a Rachio in a commercial application with 15 zones covering several acres.

There are several persons involved with operating this property. I am the one that maintains the irrigation system.

These other persons I think would all like some level of access to at least be able to monitor the system and review usage reports. One or two may want more control to at least be able to manually water a zone.

I’m assuming each account currently has one username/password.

Are there any plans in the works to allow varying levels of control to multiple users on one account?

@nicholj‌ We are starting to build functionality that will allow ‘one’ time access for yard maintenance like sprinkler blowout, etc. This will be released in the short term. The multiple user functionality you are asking for is definitely on our road map and we have the infrastructure in place to support it. I can’t give an exact time frame but hopefully we are delivering that by sometime in Q4.

Looks like you’ve added it under other users under the menu, nice.