Multiple types of Sprinklers in a zone

It’d be really cool to see a feature where one could basically “map” a zone. Such that I can show which sprinkler heads are where, because there are several zones that i’ve discovered the previous homeowner mixed sprinkler heads. For example, in my backyard there is a zone that covers the front half of the backyard that is mostly grass where there is a two Hunter PGP heads and a Rainbird 5000 plus head. They have different precip rates. For now I have picked the Hunter PGP since it is the predominant head, but it’d be nice to be able to map the zone, and place marks where each head is and annotate which heads are what… This same thing also occurs in the front yard, yet there are three different types of heads in that zone, and two of them are equally distributed with differing precip rates.


Thanks for reaching out to us. We appreciate you purchasing our device.

I love this idea and see the value for sure. You did make the right decision by choosing the nozzle type that is most predominant, but eventually it would be nice to have more than one precip rate per zone.

We have been hard at work with the newest version of our software, which we are releasing very soon, so that has been our top priority. We do have this in our backlog though so we will be releasing it in a future version of the software at some point, just not sure when that might be.

Thanks again for your feedback. If you have anymore please do not hesitate to let us know.


I am currently looking at different smart controllers to install with my new sprinkler system. I’ve been looking very hard at the gen 2, and one of my criteria’s I am looking for is this, regarding multiple heads.

I was thinking it would be nice if you could incorporate an google map overview of the property where you can build your zones with the specifications of the sprinkler heads to give you the overal idea of ground coverage between that zone and others. Ideally if you have over coverage of the zone you would like the system to recognize that and account that into the overall watering time.

My suggestion would be to fix the zones!

I watch my neighbors yard with a mix of sprays, rotors, and rotary spray. The spray over waters and the other underwater.

Am I missing something? How does mapping a mixed pr zone help?

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@brkaus I was thinking the same thing. I’m not sure what benefit there is to mapping different heads if they’re all sitting on the same valve, as they can’t be controlled differently Maybe the idea is to have the an average precipitation rate calculated based on the information put in regarding the various individual rates ?


It is always best to pick one brand and model of rotor. In general, the precipitation rate of different brands are similar. But never mix rotors and sprays. I always point homeowners to either the Toro or Hunter design guides. My favorite rotor is the Toro T5P-Rapid set. No tools are necessary to adjust the arc. Just your hands. Using a rotor tool drives me crazy. Toro just came out with a stainless steel version. I do not work for them.

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There is a solution to this. That neighbor can remove the spray nozzles that apply about three times more than a rotor - and install multi-stream rotating spray nozzles that have similar precipitation rates as the rotor. Examples include: Hunter MP Rotator, Toro Precision Rotating Nozzles (they have versions that fit both Toro and female thread Rain Bird and Hunter spray heads), Ranbird Rotary nozzles, and K-Rain rotary nozzle).


See, I love this forum, now that sounds like more irrigation stuff that I want to buy and play with that I don’t need.