Multiple "Start times" on one program

Long time listener… first time caller.
Any suggestions on creating multiple “start times” for any one schedule? Currently, you can select stations to include, and dial in their durations… but only one start time per “schedule.”

My suboptimal issue is that I have some stations with bubblers and sprinklers on the same station. “Cycle and soak” doesn’t really work for those stations.

My work around has been to create 2-3 separate “schedules” (depending on number of times I want to run through the stations in a day), each with their own start times. (“6am front sprinklers,” “4pm front sprinklers,” etc). This seems excessively complicated. As you can see, I’m trying to use my fancy Rachio the same way I used my “old” sprinkler timer. (Select stations… set start times… set durations… done). Trying to explain my Rachio system to my not-so-bilingual landscaper has been quite a challenge. =( Any suggestions/tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated.


We know this is frustrating. Our next major release of the software will address this issue.

For the meantime, what you are doing is probably the simplest solution.

If you want to incorporate a complex calendar like Google Calendar, or just the ability to run the schedule at hour intervals, IFTTT is available.

Also, if you are filling up your zone bucket on each watering, do you need to water the same zone multiple times per day?

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the quick reply.
I will stick to the “1 program per start-time” for now. The multiple start times per day is more of an issue in the summer (Las Vegas) when run-off results in wasted water. Until then, I will look forward to the next software release!!! Thanks again.

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Oh that is interesting. Would cycle/soak help with that issue?


It is now 2020 and still no ability to set multiple start times for one schedule. The only work around is to set numerous schedule each with the same zone, but with the staggart times.

I have requested this feature and totally agree. I have multiple Rachio controllers and “cycle and soak” is appropriate for some, but not for others. I just want to set a program, and enter a few start times to run that program. It seems like it would be easy to configure.