Multiple Sensor Support FOR EACH ZONE


A bit of venting at the same time suggesting here.

Suggestion first:

Allow each zone to be controlled/use/enable/disable a soil sensor. If two sensors are installed (whatever type they may be) allow the zone to select which one it uses. Current workflow has a sensor control the entire system.

Scenario backstory:

I have a R3 16 zone unit and two particular zones that are under or overly irrigated.

I searched out and found the compatible Toro Wireless Soil Sensors.

My thought, in theory, was I could have two sensors that I could on/off the problematic zones based on actual moisture levels.

I read all the online community and soil sensor FAQ, etc from Rachio.

Reassured by the FAQ that a “mesh of sensors is best” I proceeded to contact Support to confirm my theory.

After about 45” on hold, the tech support agent supported my theory 100%. She indicated you can have “two soil sensors two rain sensors one of each” etc. AND once installed I would be able to enable the sensor to the particular zone I have setup within the App.

Delighted, I promptly ordered two Toro PSS-KITs for about $350.

Today, I wired in and setup both sensors and enable them through the Rachio App.

Unfortunately, I could not find where to /enable/disable/ the sensor in the particular zones.

After scouring the web, I reached back out to technical support. After about a hour and another 30” worth of looking up information, he confirmed 100% that the soil sensor will ONLY work for the ENTIRE system. No individual zone control.

SO - yes. Upset - out of money and time.

I’m aware I could dial back/increase irrigation times for each of these zones but where is the “smart” aspect of this. Additionally, I’ve attempted this with constant seasonal changes it hasn’t been that effective.

Thanks for those who read through.

RACHIO - take note that your technical support team and online support pages need to be more clear and updated to provide the best information for your consumers. Highly disappointed with this situation.