Multiple Programs?

Looking to buy the Rachio 3 and have been reading just about everything on the website, but can’t find an answer to my biggest question.

I currently have a Hunter Pro-C controller with 4 zones and have 3 programs setup. One program for spring & fall, one for Summer and the third for the few weeks when I aerate & overseed. I don’t see how to setup more than one program on the R3. Am I missing something obvious?

Thank you

Just set up 3 schedules and enable only one at a time.

Thanks Stewart, that makes perfect sense.
With the Hunter unit, I was used to the concept of schedules within programs.
On my way to HD to pick up an R3!

You probably will not need a program for each season. If you allow, Rachio 3 automatically adjusts for season/weather. I have not touched mine since fine tuning it after set up. Maybe ask the community what others do with the unit when they aerate & overseed. I am interested to see what others reply.

Agree with @cmborges. Seasonal schedules will not be needed if you spend a bit of time getting Flex Daily up and running as it will automatically adjust based on a number of things. Only thing you would need to do is create schedules for overseeding.

This is how I manage overseeding here in AZ…

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