Multiple Flow Sensors

I’m going to be installing my new irrigation system next weekend. This is a ground up installation (no pun intended). We’ve done extensive work on our property; part of which was concrete replacement. During the concrete, tons of piping was damaged, as was expected. So I’m doing a complete new system. We have two major sections to our system; front of property, and back of property. I have 10 conductor wire running to each location. I’ve got the 16 station Rachio to support all the zones. Since everything is split in two, I have purchased two Toro TFS-075 flow sensors. On my web interface I see the ability to put both sensors in. But nothing in the guide is definitive on if I can have two flow sensors. I wanted to confirm that yes (or no) you can have two flow sensors. I also want to confirm the wiring. I assume I would put both commons together, and insert in to the Sensor common. Are both of those correct?

Also, assuming both of those are correct, I assume the Rachio assumes that whichever sensor is getting a reading is the one that it associates to an active zone. Is that also correct?

You will need something like pathway

I apologize, but being unfamiliar, I’m not sure which product I would use, and what the purpose would be. Can you elaborate? I do not have a master pump. So the pathway device doesnt appear to fit my use case.

In my Rachio design I have 14 zones, and 2 sensors. I would have thought the Rachio 16 zone controller could support that natively. Am I not correct? Sorry, wrong link.

That will allow you to use 2 flow sensors on the single port, freeing up the second sensor for a rain sensor.

If you don’t care about rain sensor, the just plug each one into each port and you are good to go.

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And yes, both grounds would go into the sensor common. Mine looks like an octopus is trying to crawl in as my flow sensor rain sensor all feed in with a total of 4 wires going in.

Gotcha. Yeah, I dont have any interest in a rain sensor. I live in Southern California. It rains maybe 5 days a year. And the weather stations should provide enough info to the Rachio that I’m adequately covered.

Thank you for the info. I think I have what I need to move forward.

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