Multiple Controllers Issue

My setup has 2 x Rachio-3 controllers controlling 30 stations. I know there has been a lot of discussion on allowing the software to see both controllers but I have been going along with the idea of setting one controller to end at a certain time and the other to start at a certain time. My issue happened the other day. With 16 stations that are watering the same type of grass and basically the same variables (ie soil, root depth etc) the controller wants to stack everything up on a specific day when the soil moisture is at 0%. If I run all 16 stations for ~1 hour each that is a problem. Leaves little time for my other controller to operate and it ends up overlapping and that is a problem. Our water pressure can’t accommodate 2 zones running at the same time. I am running flex daily schedule and want to get some of the benefits of running that type of schedule. When I called in they seem to push more of a fixed schedule. At that point there are many other controllers that have master fixed schedules.

Since I never like to bring a problem up with out a possible solution I was thinking. Could you setup something that would say only run 10 stations max per day? The system would use its AI to look ahead and say I am going to be out of moisture in the next 3 days on more than 10 stations and schedule some of the stations to run a day earlier or later.

If there is already a work around for this please let me know. I tried to run some of the stations on a quick run but I forget to start the next station. Setting up a random schedule seems like a pain.

Thank you.