Multiple Controllers / Flow Sensors

Please consider making multiple controllers play nice with each other. Many homes do
Require more then 16 zones and it becomes a hassle to balance watering schedules, Rain Sensors, Flow Sensors etc. It would be nice if a second or third controller can act as a slave to a
master controller.


I like that idea. I would even vote for a controller that had expansion modules and up to 48 stations if needed.

@mcnutter1 and @spscoutenPhd - Don’t think that’ll happen. See →

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Agree. I have 23 zones managed by two Rachio controllers and live where watering (for us) is restricted to Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays

Also, its likely that Rachio doesnt have any customers with more then 1 controller because most people never buy knowing its limited at 16 zones… Every house in my neighborhood has a different vendor because of this.