Multiple Common Wires

I have the 2nd generation Rachio controller with 8 zones. I’m currently in the process of installing the unit, but I realized I have 3 common wires I need to connect, but there’s only 2 terminals for the common wires.

Do I input 2 commons in 1 terminal?
Do I connect 2 commons as 1 and install it?

Any suggestions?

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@snowsk8er - depending on the thickness of the wires two of them may fit into one of the C(ommon) terminals on the Rachio.

Or you can wire-nut two or three of the wires together along with a pigtail (short piece of wire) and insert the pigtail into the C(ommon) terminal on the Rachio.

So either option works. I’d recommend using wire-nut to join all three common wires together and then connecting that bundle with a pigtail to one C(ommon) terminal on the Rachio, as it may be easier to remove one wire from the terminal rather than two.