Mowing Day Skip For Skipping Watering Single Day

Wanting to skip one day a week for lawn mowing.

I figured out I can recreate my Flex Daily schedule and then choose days of week. (Delete old schedule and go through wizard that creates a new one and then shows which days to water) Is there not a way to edit an existing Flex Daily schedule to show the Interval that allow selecting only certain days?

By deleting the prior schedule I may have lost the history of my sprinkler running today and now it’s running the same zone again in a few days.

I recently changed my lawn service and had to change the day of the week the schedule doesn’t water. I just clicked on the schedule, clicked on Interval, and then clicked on the days I wanted to change. Then clicked done. Seems to work the same from either my IOS app or the web app.

Unfortunately this is a current limitation. If the flex daily schedule already had intervals (i.e. chosen days to water) it would allow you to edit those days. The easiest thing to do is recreate the schedule with intervals. By doing this it won’t affect your zone soil moisture so should water at the same frequency and duration.


As @franz mentioned, the Interval only shows up if you had originally configured your Flex Daily schedule with an Interval. I had not, so no Interval showed on either iOS or the web app at

Sorry, @aaron. I didn’t know that. I guess I was lucky that my flex daily schedule was set up with one day it didn’t water.