Moving - need plan for discontinuing WiFi

Love my Rachio Gen 1, but we’ve listed the house and actually moved out. Due to 2-year contract, I’m stuck with $90/month Internet/TV contract unless I cancel everything. Rachio is the only reason I have to keep an Internet connection now.

I know that Rachio will continue running if I pull its Internet plug, but this is the time of year when water demand really ramps up in SoCal. I don’t think Rachio will be able to tap into adjustments if it can’t talk to the Mother Ship.

What’s a good plan?

I know some people have used a hot spot in the past, could probably cost a third or more less than the whole enchilada you have. Just a thought.

I think we have a few threads on the topic, here is one.

Hope this helps


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There’s lot of services offered like this one:

If you do an Internet search for “wireless data only”, you’ll get a lot of hits. The above suggestion is a good one too.

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