Moving from Irritrol RainDian-R to Rachio gen3

Hi everyone!

Our Irritrol RainDian-R died and I decided to setup Rachio Gen3 controller. When I opened controller I noticed that all red wires were connected zones and all green wires were attached to earth ground (pic is below). I connected all zone wires on Rachio in the exact way (pic below) and when I tried to run water in one of the zones nothing happened. When I checked sprinklers I noticed that green and yellow wires were connected and not the red wire. Curious to know if somebody faced similar issue and what did you do with green wires that were connected to earth ground on Irritrol RainDian-R controller.

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It looks like you missed zone 6, which is yellow. The green (“Earth ground” on the RainDial-R) needs to go to “C” (common).

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Just tried plugging green wire from zone4 to C terminal; still no luck. Does that mean that all green wires need to be distributed among all C terminals or plugged into one C just terminal all together? Could that (not all green wires are connected) possible make rachio being unable to start watering 1 zone for test purposes?

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I suggest distributing them, but that is the same as them connected all together. Was it working before the other controller died? I presume no other wires were connected before you took the picture of the old controller?

That specific zone worked 100%. There is one zone that did not work but I had no time yet to look into that (the system was setup by the previous owner).

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In other words, nothing connected to the “MV / Pump” terminal? I would double check that any water valve is turned on. When did the old one die?

The old one died approximately a 2-3 months ago. When I turn on water manually on the valve all sprinklers in that zone start working.

That was a good test. We know water is on. Do you have all green plugged in or just zone 4? I would suggest all and a new picture be posted.

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@pleegor - Another option for the green wires is to wire-nut them all together an just put a pig-tail (a short piece of wire) from the bundle into a C terminal.

Yes, not having the green wires connected will keep the system from running.

You may want to get a multi-meter and test resistivity down each pair of lines to determine if there is a break or too much resistance. Those cables and wires didn’t look like they were rated to be buried, so they might have deteriorated.

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Looks like the others have guided you to the correct setup, but I’ll chime in and say that yes, each and every green wire needs to be connected to the Rachio in order for the system to work.

The terminals on the Rachio aren’t great for connecting multiple wires, so like @DLane said, use a wire nut and a pigtail to connect all the green together, which will allow for a single wire connection to Rachio.

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Hi everyone! Thank you very much for all of these suggestions! I connected all green cables into C terminals (image is attached below); I am still unable to start the irrigation process from the controller.

@pleegor - Is there a master valve in the system. In the very first picture there is a yellow wire that is not connected, could it have been connected to the MV terminal?

Has a resistivity test been done down the lines and back to a common?

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I see six wires (for 6 zones) but only 5 appear to have their green wire connected to C. Is zone 6 the zone you are testing as that is the only zone connected with a yellow wire? Could you have missed zone 6’s green wire?

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