Moving from an 18 zone controller to a 16 zone rachio?


I’ve currently got an 24 zone controller for my front and side yards, and a separate 9 zone controller in a different location for my back yard.

Rather than deploying two 16 zone rachios to replace the 24 zone one, would it be possible to deploy a single 16 zone rachio and “double up” the control wiring so that zone 5 (for instance) on the rachio turned on two valves, activating what was zones 5 AND 6 on the old controller? I guess the question is if the electrical wiring would work for that, I’ve tested the water pressure and if I turn two zones on by hand at the same time both work fine.



A lot of that depends on your water pressure. If your system was designed with that many zones that is probably what is needed


Thanks. The water pressure is fine, I can manually turn on two related zones (two “lawn” zones, or two “rose” zones) and both have plenty of pressure and work fine.

My question was about the electrical side of things, it sounds like doubling up the wires will work in terms of activating the valves properly?



as far as I know it should.


Thanks! I’ve ordered a 16 zone Rachio and will give it a try. If not, there is another part of my yard with a separate 10 zone controller that I can use this one for. And if it does work, I’ll just order another 16 zone model and be all set.



Does your current system use a master valve or pump? The Rachio can open two valves at a time but it will probably not be able to open a third if there is a master or pump.


No master valve or pump, at least not that I know of. And I do know that I can manually open an individual solenoid for a zone without having to worry about anything else being “on”, or even having any power to the system at all, so I think/hope that must mean there is no master valve or pump.