Moving current outside control box indoors with installation of IRO

I currently have a Rainbird controller and have ordered an IRO to replace it. The current controller is mounted on the outside of my house but is located near an access hole in the house foundation. I was thinking that I could splice and extend the current wiring another 30-40 feet into my basement control room where I have all of my electronic equipment including a wifi access point and my Control4 equipment etc, in order to declutter the house exterior, especially since I will no longer need outside access to the controller for testing the stations. If I do this, are there wireless rain sensors that can be set up and will communicate with Iro? If so, which ones do you recommend? Also, what if any benefit is there to integrating with Control4?

Hi @wayneslc, good afternoon! Thank you for your recent purchase of an Iro :smile:

Great idea! This should be a simple retrofit. Just remember to use waterproof wire nuts for the splices.

Yep, not a problem. Any of the rain sensors listed on our rain sensor support article are compatible with the Iro. If you’re at Home Depot for the wire nuts, they usually have the Orbit Wireless Rain Sensor in stock.

Great question. I believe integrating with Control4 is a great idea if you’re looking to complete your home automation ecosystem. For more information on the integration, please see our Control4 support article.

Hope this helps!

Best, Emil

Thanks, pulled new wire into the basement today and the set-up was smooth. I like the way I was prompted for each station by the app on my iPhone. I have yet to set up watering times as its been raining every other day here in Salt Lake City for the past month. I think the user interface is easier than my NEST and Control4 interfaces, at least so far. Probably won’t hook up to Control4 at least in the near future, as your app is great by itself. Looking forward most to repairs without having to run back and forth to the Rainbird controller on the outside of my house.

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@wayneslc, great to hear!

Same here in Colorado. I’m beginning to worry I’ll never need to use my Iro again :confused:

Thank you for your kind words and feedback. Is there anything you think we could do better to improve the app?

Ha, I remember the first time I didn’t have to do sprinkler laps…I don’t miss doing them either :wink:

Thanks again, Emil