Moving and taking the wifi but still need to water

When I sell my house and move out, I will be taking my wifi router. It is my understanding that Rachio must have Internet to work. Is there a way to at least have it have a default program in eprom. Something so that when “moved out” is set and it gets disconnected from wifi it will run for a preset number of minutes (20 for example) for every zone every other day. This will not be water saving but it will be grass saving in the heat of summer.

@franz will,have to chime in, but I’m pretty sure, the schedule that was last uploaded continues to run. I have no idea what happens to the on board clock.

I think you have to be on fixed schedules for that to happen. My wifi went out for 3 days last year when I was on Flex, and the schedules did not run.

@torpster If you set a fixed schedule (or water as needed) it will run as usual without WiFi. You can test it out for a couple of days before you move just to make sure it performs as you expect.

@Linn For flex we send a backup schedule that in most cases will run every 3 days without WiFi.

Hope this helps.


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@franz is correct, but it might be more helpful for the new residents if you removed the controller from your account and set up a Limited Schedule.

If the controller is still on your account, the new homeowners won’t be able to add it to theirs.


Is there a “Limited Schedule” for Gen 1? Tried searching but no luck?

No :wink:


Interesting problem.

It would be helpful to the new homeowner to have access to the working schedule from the previous owner (even if flex). And if the house is on the market, want to keep it looking nice.

So clearing out the schedule may not be the best choice.

Finally, depending on area watering regulations, the limited schedule might earn a citation.

Might make sense to keep the Internet or get one of the low cost hotspots I have seen mentioned here.

Can you transfer an account? I guess you could update the email. Maybe make a and label the password on the device.

Is it possible to change wifi settings without starting over? I haven’t tried that.

You currently cannot transfer an account, but it’s something we’d like to do.

Yes, you can update the Wi-Fi on your controller. The app will walk you through that, it’s under Device Settings, and there is this support article as well.

I see that you can update the email address. I would suggest allowing changing the username. Transfer of account is less of an issue. Personally, I would just change it to something generic and leave it on a label on the rachio or possibly in an envelope stuck on it. I’ve never shared email addresses, etc with subsequent home purchasers.

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I should have technically said that you can’t transfer controllers between accounts.

Yea, I guess that is important. I’m thinking single home homeowner.

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