Moved into house with Rachio, can’t connect through app

I just moved into a house with a Rachio and am trying to familiarize myself through the app but can’t get the app to connect to the unit via Wi-Fi.

I have a model 16ZULW-B with nine zones hooked up. I’ve attached a picture of the Rachio and a screenshot of the message I get when I get stuck in the app setup.

I’ve ensured I’m on the 2.4 GHz band of my Wi-Fi, so I know it’s no that.

Thanks for the help! Excited to get familiar with this tech!

Here’s where the app is trying to connect over Wi-Fi

And here’s where I get stuck.

Did you try resetting the Rachio to start the process over (including putting in your network credentials)? If you can get the previous people to transfer the Rachio over to you, that might be helpful as well to see what their settings were, etc…

That worked, thank you @Thomas_Lerman!

For future app improvements, I hope they improve the messaging to users to walk new users through resetting the Rachio if it’s already been linked to an account. As a new user, I had no idea what I was doing wrong, I just knew I couldn’t connect through Wi-Fi.

I am glad that it worked and also glad to be able to help. Good work on your end too. I probably should have pointed you to a page that includes resetting the Rachio, etc. I believe that I have seen that they exist.