Moved into a house with Rachio - how to get on board?

Hello! I just moved into a house with what I believe is a 3rd generation Rachio. After some basic Googling, I’ve downloaded the app, connected it to my wifi network, and started testing the zones. It looks like there should be three zones set up between my very small backyard and my even smaller front yard, but I don’t know how exactly they are divided. One portion of the front yard turns on when testing one of the three zones, but I’m not sure if the whole front yard is supposed to be on at that time. Testing the other two zones doesn’t seem to do anything. No backyard watering happens for any of them. I don’t know the first thing about setting one of these up and I don’t even know what my zones are, so I definitely don’t know how to troubleshoot effectively! Any advice fro the experts here?

@mccpjt - Welcome to the community. Here are some thougths:

  1. See if you can find the valves for the zones. Many times they are in the ground under a round lid.

  2. If you find a valve, it can be manually activated by either turning the solenoid a quarter of a turn or a bleed screw on the valve body. This can be used to identify if there is a wiring problem and which heads go with that valve.

  3. Some drip systems are install under the turf, so you may not see them.

  4. Posting pictures of what you see can help other here on the board answer questions or solve the problem.