Move the "stop" button to the top of the display

I know it is my fault, but I keep forgetting that the big X at the top of the display when watering is running closes the window instead of stopping the watering. If the “stop” button were up near X I feel I would not constantly be making this mistake. (Actually, I don’t make the mistake that often since I don’t manually water that often, probably why I never remember the proper procedure.)

Along with that, I usually forget to to select a zone when I first manually water. Maybe make the selected zones empty by default and pop up a message saying no zone selected. As it is, it takes me a few reflections to realize that I am watering, but not the zone I had intended to start. (Of course, then I press the X and dismiss the window instead of pressing the “stop” button so stopping the “all zone” watering takes a bit longer!)


@sbillard Thanks for this, we’ve received some good feedback regarding the remote and this is very helpful.

We are going to revisit the remote to see what improvements we can make for it to be simpler and more powerful. Stay tuned!


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