Move DC plug behind unit

For the next hardware iteration, you should conceal the DC input behind the unit to reduce the footprint of the controller. With the present unit, I had to mount my IRO upside down so it could fit next to the power supply in the weatherproof box (the only one sold at my Home Depot, on the shelf with the IRO). It would also allow for mounting the unit over a recessed outlet for more aesthetic garage installs.

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@marlowkc Thanks for the power input suggestion. I know this is something we have been re-evaluating and will definitely take this into consideration.

Thanks again for your feedback! Let us know if you have any more feedback or questions.

Or provide a power supply with a right angle connector

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I’m going to chime in and say I agree. It seems like the simplest way to clean things up (without an actual device redesign) would be to switch to a power supply with a right angle plug. It would allow users to rotate it up, down, or back as they see fit. It would require less clearance for those like marlowkc using enclosures, and I’m finding it hard to think of a down-side. (Perhaps those with arthritic fingers might find it more difficult to grasp?)

Maybe a thoughtful option might be to offer a simple adaptor for those that wish to use them.

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@kelpayne and @rgarza28, great ideas! We’re looking into this to see if we can source any right angle power adaptors. We think this would be a simple solution to the enclosure space issue, as well as the overall look of the installed product.

Please keep sharing the great ideas!

Best, Emil