Move controller to different home (actually consolidate two controllers to a single home)

I have two controllers at my house. I opened the Rachio app for the first time this spring and each controller has been assigned to a separate “home.” I need to move one of the controllers to the “home” of the other controller … because, well, they are all at the same home.

I’ve tried everything I can think of short of resetting one of the controllers, but I cannot figure out how to do this. I tried adding one controller to the “home” of the other controller. I scan the barcode on the controller to be transferred and it says the controller is associated with another account and gives me the option to transfer the controller with or without keeping the settings. I select keep the settings, and it displays a message saying I cannot transfer the controller to myself.

Any ideas?

From the initial screen, I think it is the devices tab, to the right of a device is a circle with three dots. Did you try tapping on that and then move device?

That was it! I did not notice the circle with the dots. All is good now. Thanks!

Awesome, glad that was it. We are all glad to try to help.

I added a 2nd controller to my 1st property before I realized I should have created the 2nd property and then added the controller to it.

I don’t see the circle w 3 dots next to the device but at the bottom of the property. It says “MORE” under the circle and no option to move device in there.

Any ideas?