Mount Rachio Outside


I’m guessing that we have the same enclosure based on your description, and I do have mine plugged into the outlet on the left INSIDE the enclosure, so I wonder if you’re right about different sized power supplies? @emil, do you know if there have been different sized adapters that ship with the IRO?

What you mentioned above is about all I’ve noticed. A fairly standard/versatile configuration for conduit connections that I’ve seen is four holes on the bottom of the enclosure spaced 3" apart. I think that would work for most standard installations. Any enclosure you guys look at obviously needs to fit the Iro, including the power connector sticking out on the right side, and needs to have the 110v outlet in there as well, with room for the adapter. I did some pretty extensive searching, and couldn’t find anything online or in stores that met all of those requirements… the Orbit was just the closest for me.


@rccoleman and @mjdport, good evening! Happy Memorial Day Weekend Eve :wink:

To answer your question, yes, there have been a few different sized power adaptors used in different production runs of the Iro. Why one might ask? We simply value delivering our product on time, and had to leverage what was available in the supply chain to make this happen. The size different between the two power adaptors isn’t huge, but might be impacting your enclosure installation. Perhaps you could post a photo of your power adaptors and we could compare to see if that was the issue @rccoleman encountered.

Hope this helps add some clarity to the situation. We never intended to make this a pain point for our users.

Thanks, Emil


This is my Iro installed in the Orbit enclosure. The power adapter I have fits fine but, as you can see, I had to dremel a gap for the power connector on the right.


Here are some pictures from my installation:

I chose not to carve out a channel in the side of the box for the power connector, and you can see how it overlaps the outlet. I could have done it differently, but wanted to make sure that my enclosure would remain watertight.

The power supply is right at 2" deep (the picture has a bit of an angle to it because it was an awkward position), the interior depth of the box is about an inch, and the depth of the lid at the edge is a little less than an inch. I suspect that I have the same power supply as mjdport based on the picture, so it’s possible that it would just fit in there. It didn’t fit when I tried it, but I abandoned the attempt when I realized that I had to cover up the outlet, anyway.

Luckily, the power supply fits perfectly in the existing enclosed outlet, so I just ran the cord up into the box. I left the rest of the wiring in case I switch out the box at some point.

The more I look at my pictures, the more annoyed I am that the Rachio isn’t installed square in the box ;( Not worth fixing, though.



I installed my Iro outside, where it replaced my Toro controller behind my poolhouse. It took me about an hour, mostly due to removing the old controller and labeling each individual zone wire.

I originally purchased the Orbit enclosure, but after reading about the issues some people experienced with it, decided to purchase the outdoor enclosure directly from Rachio. I’ll be returning the Orbit model.

The bottom of the outdoor enclosure Rachio sent has three 3/4" holes with rubber grommets in each. I used two of them, one for AC power and the other for my sprinkler zone wires.

I transferred the diagram of my yard (and the zone locations) from my old enclosure to the inside of the new cabinet, although after doing so, I realized I won’t have to open the enclosure door anymore to activate a zone. :grinning:

Each zone activated correctly during the app’s zone set up. :+1:

I inserted my rain sensor wires into the respective terminals on the Iro, but I’m still unclear if the Iro will use it or the online weather information to skip a scheduled watering event?


@mjdport, @rccoleman and @AlbanyHDTV – awesome photos and detailed feedback of your enclosure installations. Thank you for sharing these with the community!

@rccoleman, just curious, does your outlet have a cover to enclose the power adaptor?

If you have a rain sensor connected to your Iro, the sensor will interrupt the common and override the controller from running any watering times anytime it’s activated by moisture. To know if it’s been activated, just check your history feed; you’ll see an event that reads “It is raining!” when it’s activated, and “It has stopped raining!” once the rain sensor dries out.

Not sure if your rain sensor is working (or don’t want to wait until it rains again), no worries – you can manually test your rain sensor.

Hope this helps. Thanks again for the great photos!

Best, Emil


Yes, it’s just out of frame in the picture. It closes over the power supply and the cord comes out the bottom.


Is there any reason why you couldn’t turn your Rachio or the enclosure 180 degrees so everything fit without cutting the box?


Nope, not at all. The wiring can be a bit tricky, but we’ve had a handful of users do this in the past. If I was to install the Orbit, I would probably mount mine sideways to avoid adding any holes to the enclosure (mainly because I’m lazy ;))

Here’s an example of an Iro installed sideways.

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil


Nope, no reason. I started to do mine that way, but I preferred to cut the box rather than deal with the wiring issue. Just a personal preference.




I’m confused about which enclosure we get online when we order it from Rachio? Is it the big box or do they send you the Orbit box? I want the big box. Can someone let me know please? I need to order it today. Thank you!


@novanlord, we do not sell the Orbit enclosure from our website. If you’d like to get the big box, please order it here for $49. We ship every Tuesday and Friday :smile:

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil


I just ordered it from your website - for the big box. Thanks! Will I get it this week you think? Will it ship tomorrow (tuesday)? I hope so because I need it before Friday. Thanks.


You should :wink: …I’ll tip the shipping team for you to make sure this happens.


Thank you! That would be great!


For the green power cord did you just splice it and wire it directly to the outlet on the orbit?


@Markobburic, yep the user in the photo above had an outlet nearby so they didn’t need to hardware the power wires.

Here’s another example of an Orbit enclosure installation (with instructions). Hope it helps!

Best, Emil


Yep–managed to get it in there myself. Pretty clean and much better than the standard recommended box from a looks/size standpoint. Although i totally get why this is not recommended. Definitely took some extra bits, drilling, and making the wires fit took a bit of extra effort.


@Markobburic, looks awesome! Thanks for posting a photo. Hope you’re enjoying the app and having control at your fingertips :smile: