Mount Rachio Outside

I’m confused about which enclosure we get online when we order it from Rachio? Is it the big box or do they send you the Orbit box? I want the big box. Can someone let me know please? I need to order it today. Thank you!

@novanlord, we do not sell the Orbit enclosure from our website. If you’d like to get the big box, please order it here for $49. We ship every Tuesday and Friday :smile:

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil

I just ordered it from your website - for the big box. Thanks! Will I get it this week you think? Will it ship tomorrow (tuesday)? I hope so because I need it before Friday. Thanks.

You should :wink: …I’ll tip the shipping team for you to make sure this happens.

Thank you! That would be great!

For the green power cord did you just splice it and wire it directly to the outlet on the orbit?

@Markobburic, yep the user in the photo above had an outlet nearby so they didn’t need to hardware the power wires.

Here’s another example of an Orbit enclosure installation (with instructions). Hope it helps!

Best, Emil

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Yep–managed to get it in there myself. Pretty clean and much better than the standard recommended box from a looks/size standpoint. Although i totally get why this is not recommended. Definitely took some extra bits, drilling, and making the wires fit took a bit of extra effort.

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@Markobburic, looks awesome! Thanks for posting a photo. Hope you’re enjoying the app and having control at your fingertips :smile:

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