Motion sensors

I’m new to Rachio, in fact I just got and installed my Rachio 3 today (03 April 2019) and I have it connected with my Apple Homekit. What I am wondering is if it is possible to connect motion sensors to the Rachio? My goal is to have the water turn on when the motion sensors detect a deer in my yard. If so, what motion sensors do you recommend and should they be indoor or outdoor sensors?



Motion sensors won’t connect to Rachio directly.

Now, I’m no Apple guy (in fact I despise Apple), but if Homekit works like other home automation systems, as long as your motion sensor can connect with Homekit, and you have Rachio set up in Homekit as well, you should be able to set up some kind of rule that when motion is sensed, to trigger a zone to run.

I was able to accomplish this a couple years ago with my Smartthings, Ring camera’s, and Rachio.