Motion sensor connected to Rachio 3 controller

I have a Rainbird sprinkler controller currently connected to my lawn sprinkler system. I want to install a Rachio 3 controller to connect motion sensors to activate my sprinkler valves when motion is sensed. I have a cat that is using my yard as his litter box. I want to activate a set of sprinklers when the cat comes into my yard. I have read that the Ranchio 3 smart sprinkler controller could be used for this application. Can anyone recommend wireless motion sensors that are compatible with the Rachio 3 controller? I’d like the motion sensors to be wireless. I appreciate your assistance with this matter.

Not a Rachio solution (no motion detecting Rachio accessories I’ve heard of, or accessory by zone), but an Orbit Yard and Garden Enforcer is a hose-connected motion-activated sprinkler with day and night modes. Multiple units can be daisy-chained. Secret is to move device around periodically until cat (dog, deer, armadillo, raccoon, etc.) remembers getting wet at each location. With any luck, problem solved.

If you REALLY need a Rachio solution, set up a Fixed “Cat-chaser” Schedule with a very short time (just a minute or two) at your “best guess” time of invasion, on one or two likely zones. Every few days, change the start time and/or zone(s) until you’ve trained the cat. Then just disable the schedule until the neighbors get a new cat. You may have to do some planning so your “special” Schedule doesn’t coincide with any of your other watering, but look at it as a challenge.

It might also be possible to do something with a “Cat-chaser” Schedule on a Rachio Hose Timer, a long hose and a single portable impact (stick-in-the-ground) sprinkler. That solution won’t interfere with your regular Rachio schedules.

It seems like people have done this with a motion detection and using the Rachio API, IFTTT, Home Assistant, or something similar. I have used the “Yard ENFORCER” as well in the garden. Seemed to do well without moving it, until the PI was shut off.

I have done this with Smartthings, and you might still be able to do this with certain motion sensors and IFTTT, but nothing that will connect directly to Rachio.

This is the article I read stating that the Rachio 3 would work for this application.How to create a wildlife deterrent for your lawn with a smart sprinkler - Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysis

The main thing that the article talks about is IFTTT which I mentioned. They also mentioned other smart integrations without much detail.

I am going to have to do some research to learn about IFTTT connection to other devices. I appreciate all the help from everyone on my post.

I did this through Apple HomeKit.
Ratio removed HomeKit support. And under ISO 17 you no longer can turn on zones in HomeKit.
Seems I missed the buyback window so installed a Homebridge plug-in and got HomeKit support back. It actually works really well.

I’m wondering if maybe they can add Matter support as they failed to get HomeKit to work