Motion Activated Sprinkler

I would like to one of the sprinklers to be activated only when a motion is sensed through the day and night. I would like to use to deter animals within the vegetable area. It is very similar to the Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler ( The difference is that the water supply is coming from sprinkler system. I am wondering if there’s any compatible products you can suggest. Also, I would like to make use of a master valve in conjunction with this motion activated sprinkler.

Have you considered the ifttt integration to see if you can do this that way?

I believe this has been done with Rachio before. DropCam can send a trigger to IFTTT (maybe only via email) when it detects motion and Rachio can water a zone for X minutes in response.

Has anyone gotten this to work reliably? I set this up, but half the time the IFTTT trigger never happens. When the IFTTT trigger does work, it gets sent to my Iro many minutes long after the Dropcam detects motion (and sends an mail alert). I understand that there might be a 30 – 60 second delay, but 20 minutes?!? Last night my Dropcam detected motion at 4:56am and promptly sent out an email alert, but my sprinklers didn’t turn on until 5:16am.

Most IFTTT triggers have a 15 minute polling cycle unfortunately.


I just ordered Schlage wireless motion sensors and one of the rachis 8 units. I plan to use both new pieces of hardware through software. Hope that I can do what you have asked about. I will let you known what comes of it.

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I love my Kevo.