More weather intelligence threshold types?

Coming from Hydrawise, I expected there to be more settings to control when a weather skip happens. Things like:
(1) if rainfall in the last 7 days exceeds X, skip
(2) if temperature is below Y, skip
(3) if temperature is below Z, water a certain percentage less
(4) if temperature is above J, water a certain percentage more
(5) don’t water when chance of rain is more than K%

Are these settings available somewhere but I am missing them? Or, if they aren’t available, is there an explanation as to why they aren’t needed? Are they somehow already accounted for by Rachio? Or a way to accomplish the same thing?

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Is this similar to what you were looking for?


I’m looking for something like this:

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And cricket chirp is deadening. Lol.

We have had a ton of rain this week. But none in the forecast tomorrow (Saturday), and my rain sensor might be dry by then. I’m set up on a fixed schedule to water T, TH, and Sat. Does Rachio track how much rain I’ve gotten the last X days and skip the next run of a fixed schedule if it has rained more than a certain amount? Or would I need to move to flex scheduling for that (assuming flex scheduling has that…)?

See the details on when a fixed schedule rain skip can occur:

Sounds like you’re looking for soil moisture balance tracking which is only in Flex Daily schedules. You’d need to switch to that and be sure to choose an actual nearby PWS with good rain measurement reliability.

I don’t understand where the documentation explains it, but the Rachio system indeed is planning to skip watering tomorrow, based on a saturation event. So, that’s good! Seems like it works the way it should.