More water or less?

If a tree needs 10 gallons of water per week but only gets 5, how you adjust so it physically gets more water.

I have been messing with settings and inevitably every setting I change modifies either how long it waters or how often it waters but the net result is the same quantity of water being applied.If you run things manually it simply skips later to starve things again as well.

This page describes it perfectly.

All the entries affect the frequency up (or down). However when you make these changes, it simply changes the duration down so more water isn’t applied.

I guess I could lie on all the nozzle rates. That seems to be the only setting that would actually add water from the list. Everything else seems like an overly complicated exercise of when to turn on and off the water.

@Lars If the frequency is working out for you, just go into the schedule and adjust duration minutes up for each zone you want. You should not have to modify any advanced settings.

Hope this helps.


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